illuminated 3D letters JRT Signs Ltd The Illuminated 3D letter specialists
illuminated 3D Letter Signs - Huge range of all types of illuminated 3D Lettering / 3D Signage from JRT Signs.
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illuminated 3D letters

illuminated 3D letter specialists

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illuminated 3D letters

illuminated 3D letter signs

3D Letters
About This Project

Illuminated 3D letters – You can light up most built-up letters.


– Halo illumination creates a soft glow of light around a built-up metal or acrylic letter as LEDs are positioned to shine out from the reverse of the letter.


Halo lit letters are most commonly specified with white LEDs which feature a warm white or cool white colour temperature. Controllers can be added to dim or brighten the light of the LEDs according to the intensity of the halo effect required, which may need to be discrete for some corporate signage. JRT signs built-up metal and acrylic letters are created.


All LEDs are fitted by our experienced installation team.